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Ice Bank TIB

As the name implies, Ice Bank is used to store cold energy during peak hours of inactive consumption.

In this system, the objective of producing and storing ice during non-peak hours is to consume electricity and use it at the peak of power consumption in various units (mainly dairy industries). Ice Banks are used in systems where the compressor's operating hours are shifted.

For example, in the dairy industry, which has fluctuating load fluctuations, the use of this system makes it possible to transfer or balance the required cooling load. These banks are divided into two categories: AIS Bank Banks and AIS Bank Banks. Ice Banks have a water pond that puts pipes or plates inside the pond.

The function of Ice banks is that during the non-peak hours of power consumption (during the night) with the function of the compressor, the ammonia liquid passes through the pipes (tube bank) or the pages (the bank's page), and these pages Or the pipes that are in the water are cooled so that the water around them becomes frozen that can be used during the day from these ice creams.

AIS New generation bank boards are a good successor to pipe-tube banks because of their lower volumes and higher returns and are healthier and more environmentally sound than pipe banks.

It should be noted that, unlike Ice tubes with a 30 mm thick pipe ice, the thickness of ice sheets on plates is 60 mm, which results in the size of the ISBN pond smaller.