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Intercooler tank

Technical Information

Technical Information
name of vessel

Intercooler tank,

model of vessel


brand of vessel

Tabadol Sazan Tehran,


Carbon Steel,

manufacturer country



These reservoirs are used in projects with a cooling circuit below zero (-40 ° C). By using an economizer tank in these systems, the compressor capacity of the compressor is increased by about 10%. Pressure tanks manufactured by Tehran Exchange Machines Company in more than 68 standard sizes and 60 to 16500 liters in accordance with the standards set forth in Section One of Chapter VIII of the ASME or BS5500 standard, and after thirty test atmospheres (including non-destructive testing of NDT and RT and UT) are delivered by standardized inspection companies (upon request of the employer) by providing a quality certificate of the tank. Shells (SHELL) The pressure vessels manufactured by the Tehran Interchange Company are up to 60 cm in size from the seamless SA-106 steel tube and from the 60 cm up to the SA516-70 steel plate special steel plate. At the base of the connection to the body and connections, the pad is used to increase the safety of the tank. The lenses of the head and the bottom of the pressure vessels are made as a heat sink and are fitted with special electrodes by means of powdered welding on the body of pressurized tanks. All fittings used in tanks under the pressure of the Transformer Company Tran from the seamless steel manifold SCH40 are in accordance with DIN 2440. Internal and external surfaces of the pressure vessels of the exchangers before making the sandblast, and after the construction and testing of pressure, to prevent the rusting of the internal surfaces by moisture, using special equipment dry and free of moisture, and open the gas N Low pressure filling. The outer surfaces of the pressure vessels of the Tehran Transformers Company after the construction and testing of the pressure are painted by two layers of zinc chromate of appropriate thickness and then coated completely with two layers of polyurethane paint, in addition to the beauty of corrosion Get safe.


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