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Introducing exchangers

معرفی شرکت تبادل سازان

Tehran Interchange Company started its activities in consulting, designing, producing and installing refrigeration systems since 1374. In addition to the design in accordance with the latest industry standards, the company produces and supplies various equipment including evaporator types, condenser types, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and other refrigerating equipment.

The increasing and increasing use of refrigeration systems, especially industrial refrigeration, in various industries such as food industry, agricultural production, semi-finished food, production lines for slaughterhouses, dairy industry, beverage industry, fisheries and aquaculture, medical sciences, construction industry, industries The huge oil, gas and petrochemicals and many other fields all illustrate the importance of this industry in today's world.

In this regard, Tehran Transformers Company has been working continuously in this industry for many years and has tried to take an effective and forward step by utilizing the technical knowledge of the day of the world and its application in researches and calculations, as well as the production and installation of the necessary equipment. In realizing the goals and ideals of this industry in the country. The result of this policy is the implementation of numerous national and international projects in the field of consulting, preliminary studies, equipment production and installation, various industrial refrigeration systems, such as undercover and above-zero refrigerated slaughterhouses, ice cream factories, oil and gas industries Petrochemical, AIS Bank, dairy industry, food industry, etc., with more than 600 internal projects and 60 international projects and having an index of 3.09 projects a month, are among the top companies in this industry in Iran. Is.

Tehran Interchange Company is one of the few non-oil companies licensed in 2010: ISO TS-29001 in the country is proud to offer its consultants to the well-known employers in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Tehran Transformers Company also has very extensive scientific and commercial relations with many internationally recognized companies and institutions, including:

1- The most reputable international manufacturers of ammonia compressors and the best

Manufacturers of valves and ammonia control and industrial equipment in the world including


2. The World's Most Reliable International IMQ Inspection

3. Membership in institutions such as the IIR of France, ASHRAE America, ISHRAI Iran, the Association of Iranian Oil Industry Equipment Manufacturers (S.I.P.E.M), the Office of Builders of Contractors and Consultants of the Organization for Management and Planning, the Association of Industrial Facilities, as well as the Association for the Construction Industry of the Country.

4- Exports of refined industrial products such as ice cream and refrigeration equipment to the countries of England, Germany, Arab countries of the region and Africa.

It should be noted that, on average, 35.26% of all projects in this company have been reinstated by respectable employers, which reflects the quality of their work and their satisfaction in carrying out previous projects. Meanwhile, all products and equipment of Tehran exchange company have a one-year warranty and 15 years of after-sales service.

The after-sales service experts of the company are ready to provide services within 48 hours in the most distant parts of the country.

In this regard, according to the statistics available for the production of any company in Iran, it is not possible to compete with the Tehran Interchange Company. Other capabilities of this company are the ability to provide all insulating services with sandwich panels, refrigerated doors, clean rooms, fixed and mobile stacks and prefabricated houses through its subsidiary company and is ready to provide all services such as consulting, design, Build and install the items.